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Creating Value in rapid growing markets.

PrimeMed Realty LLC is a national real estate investment firm that exclusively focusses on medical office real estate in key locations in growing communities. PrimeMed Realty LLC seeks to acquire, and/or develop, medical office buildings that have a strong link to quality and sophisticated tenants.

Climbing the Levels of Value Creation

Our management’s distinctive set of skills, along with our unique backgrounds and experience, allow us to successfully execute a wide range of investment opportunities.

As a result, our investors benefit from a versatile and resilient portfolio.

While focused on our short and long terms, we constantly create value at both the asset level and the portfolio level, through operations, renovations, development,
and leasing. 

Our network in the healthcare industry is a powerful tool that exposes us to variety of deals: from Core+ thru value-add and opportunistic deals.; From ground-up development to well-located assets that require full renovation and new tenant mix.

We, at PrimeMed Realty, know how to take on these deals and work on them to the next level. With our experience we have successfully transformed high vacancy assets with short term leases into full occupancy with new tenant mix. Our leasing and negotiation skills allow us to outperform and add great value to our assets.

Our tenants are one of the keys to our success. We keep close attention to each of our tenants needs and we are very involved with our tenants business decisions.

short term strategy

We start from home

Florida is our home state. We live in South Florida for many years and we know it inside-out! We observe and feel the growth of the state’s economy and the demographic changes day-to-day. We experience the evolution of neighborhoods and infrastructure, and we get to know about new developments before they pop up. Being local helps us to identify, analyze, and maximize the potential of our targeted MOB acquisitions.

We are focused in building our portfolio

We strategically building our portfolio to consist attractive assets in fast growing cities and neighborhoods. Our approach is to enter the market with investments of properties (between $4M to$15M each) in key locations that could provide the basis to tie relationship with local hospitals and medical academic entities, and to be able to expand their facilities in the near future. The focus on properties located on, adjacent to, or in close proximity to hospital campuses, or regional health centers is our primary criteria. We are creating an hybrid cluster of assets with the intention, that once matures (within approximately 5 years), it will become a great interest to large scale Healthcare Real Estate Trusts to include it, as a whole, in their portfolio.

The property types we are looking for could vary, such as oncology, orthopedic, or radiology centers, as well as other specialty healthcare centers.

long term strategy

As we grow

Medical Real Estate is mainly driven by demographics. The Southern States in the U.S. experience fast growing demographics due to internal migration from the Northern States to a warm climate States. From the Carolinas in the East to Southern California in the West, these Southern States are known to be the Sun-Belt States. Moreover, as our life span grows and baby boomers are approaching their 60s, the Southern States demographics in the U.S. are rapidity rising and medical services must catch up with demand.

While we continue to focus on building our home state portfolio we increase our volume by expending into other Sun-Belt States. Secondary cities, such as Atlanta in Georgia, Phoenix in Arizona, and others are going to be our next target in building our strong and steady portfolio. PrimeMed Realty has developed long solid relationships with local hospitals and medical academic entities in several Sun-Belt States which empower us to advance in other markets.

As our portfolio consists of fully, or close to fully occupied assets with long term leases, we are providing to our investors with lengthy and steady returns.

Our strategy is guided with the proposition of our investors’ success who entrust us to build and manage their medical real estate portfolios.

Who We Are



Mr. Stark is a licensed architect with substantial international experience in development working in North America, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. His recent projects include large retail facilities; medical office buildings and business headquarter offices around the globe.

Since 2007 Mr. Stark began his relationship with Gazit Globe, one of the largest operators of shopping centers in urban markets around the world. Mr. Stark was directly involved with the Medical platform –ProMed Properties, a subsidiary of Gazit Globe that operates over 20 medical office buildings along US East-Coast, from the acquisition of the properties and due-diligence, through redevelopment, design and construction managements, in addition to the design and buildout management of 100s of tenants’ medical clinics.

In 2012 Mr. Stark was relocated by Gazit Globe to Sao Paulo, Brazil to design and develop a 1.2 million SF shopping mall project in the heart of the city. The project achieved several construction and design awards for being the most efficient and sophisticated mall in the country. While involving in every aspect of this project, Mr. Stark was also acting as Gazit Globe’s development representative to Brazil, and as such, he was involved in the renovation and expansion of other shopping malls in the country that are operated by Gazit Brasil.

Since 2018, Mr. Stark is acting as a Member of the Board of Citycon, based in Sweden, and a member of the Strategic and Investment Committee of the company.



Mr. Montello is a licensed real estate broker and an industry veteran with over 30 years of broad real estate experience. This experience provides a unique insight and expertise with the following healthcare properties; teaching hospitals, community hospitals, medical centers, medical office buildings, surgical centers, medical labs, acute care hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.

He is experienced in balancing investor expectations with tenant demands. Mr. Montello has vast experience managing properties, negotiating leases and acquisitions.

Mr. Montello served as the Chief Operating Officer for ProMed Properties, Inc., where he successfully organized the startup of an Asset Management division for the U.S. offices of an international real estate investment fund.

He significantly increased the value of the portfolio under direct management from one asset valued at $88 million to a division of seventeen assets totaling 1.8 million SF valued at approximately $700 million with medical office assets located in MA, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA and FL.

Most recently in 2013 Chris started a boutique healthcare real estate consulting firm offering a variety services inclusive of asset management, lease negotiation, site selection, due diligence services, construction management and valuation services.

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